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The name is known to many sweet and savory lovers across all of Sydney and now has hit the list as one of our own must see food destinations internationally. Catherine from Summer Hill Sweets has locally owned and developed her love and passion of cooking right in the heart of her home town. We caught up with Catherine in early February for a small insight into her passion and local business.

    • How long has your business been in Summer Hill?
    • 2 years now from December 2012. I came from a commercial kitchen back round and various not for profit organisations.
    • What made you open a business in Summer Hill?
    • The local residents, I saw something that was needed in the market in this area. I’m very passionate about cooking and I wanted to provide a place for people to read, socialise and enjoy fresh baked food. I am now known for my shortbread and many other treats.
    • How do you describe Summer Hill Customers?
    • It’s a real friendly community here. Everyone knows everybody. Most people come to me from the inner local community for my produce; almost 80% of my business is through local trade. I do have customers from the wider community just from word of mouth of are also very friendly.

What do you love about Summer Hill?This highly rated sweet spot is not to be missed. If you’re in the area, pop down to 123 Smith Street, Summer Hill for something delicious!

You can find out more details about Catherine’s bakery at –

Small Community in a Big City. Everybody looks after everybody.