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Stage 3 and 4 | Construction Updates | April 2017

Welcome Stage 3 and 4 to the second quarterly construction update.

Last quarter, we put out a tender for the construction of Stages 3 and 4 and we’re pleased to announce that Richard Crookes has won the contract.

Richard Crookes Construction (RCC) are a private, family-owned builder with an impressive track record. They are known for delivering high quality apartments with personal care and consideration for the local community.

A day in Summer Hill…

A day in Summer Hill…

Sunday morning, bright and early, just in time for a quick yoga session in Summer Hill village.

Young woman doing yoga exercises on yoga mat

Picked up a coffee from Heritage Coffee Brewers, just near the train station.

Well, I'm inspired ? @sophielouisegerrie coffee by @heritagecoffeebrewers ? @sophielouisegerrie

Eveleigh Markets is just a 10min train ride away – great to explore with the family.


Get back home in time to pop over to The Village Medical Practice on Smith St this afternoon. Checking out the latest art in Aline’s waiting room gallery.

doctor 2

Pick up some flowers from Lucy’s Florist across the road


Head back home to the Flour Mill to get ready for the week ahead!

Send us your favourite way to spend a day at Summer Hill – where are your favourite spots, eateries, walking routes. We want to know![at]

Move In Marketplace

In March, Colliers hosted a Street Party for Stage 1 and 2 and invited their move-in specialists to host the party. Another great chance to meet the neighbours, while selecting out your blinds, appliances and removalists.

Here are some photo highlights from the day.

Stage Two | Construction Updates | March 2017

Not long now, Stage Two.

This quarter we said goodbye to the second crane on site, signalling our progression into the final stages of construction. You might have noticed the scaffolding coming down from the silos on the Smith St side of the site. It looks amazing! These silos make for a pretty striking piece of architecture. You’ll really be living in one of Sydney’s most iconic developments.

If you want to know what’s headed your way, you can start with following the Stage One updates – they’re just a little bit ahead of you.

Colliers, your solicitors and your bank will all be in touch over the next few months to help you finalise your new apartment.

Stage One | Construction Updates | April 2017

Congratulations Stage One! You’re approaching the finish line.

EG and Colliers team are here to make the process as stress free as possible. If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to get in contact with your bank to commence the loan process. This may require a formal valuation that the bank will organise on your behalf. We will assist the valuer to gain access to the apartments.

Once your loan is approved your bank will be ready for settlement.

You should have received an invitation from Colliers for your pre-settlement inspections so that any confirmed defects can be rectified by the builder. Your solicitor can provide you with more information about the settlement process and what will need to be done on the day of settlement.