Monthly Archives: November 2019

The awards keep coming!


We have been awarded the ‘Local and Neighbourhood Scale’ winner in the Australian Urban Design Awards 2019, the ‘Landscape Architecture Award for Urban Design’ in the NSW Australian Institute of Landscape Awards 2019 and the ‘Development of the Year – New Communities’ in the Urban Developer Award 2019.

These awards acknowledge projects that have been carefully designed so that they are beautiful, welcoming and sustainable. The Flour Mill was designed by Hassell architects and landscape designers. Throughout the design process, Hassell always put needs of people, the quality of the place and the human experience at the centre of their design solutions. We believe this is a hallmark of outstanding urban design and the central reason for these recent awards and acknowledgement.

While we should be proud of receivinig these awards for Summer Hill, the true meaning of the recognition is felt by the residents and visitors to the Four Mill of Summer Hill in their everyday lives – and this will be recognised long after the awards are forgotten.

Congratulations again!