Flour Mill Community


If you have not been down to the Flour Mill of Summer Hill recently, we do encourage you to visit the new display suite that has been opened at the corner of Flour Mill Way. The new display has a great fresh feel to it that reflects the energy that has been built up with the opening of Harvest Park and Mungo Scott Plaza. The long awaited opening of The Farm Wholefoods is now not far off following delays in Council with the DA approval for their fit-out. Soon, you’ll be able to pick up your organic coffee, cold pressed juice, and Acai bowls and enjoy them in the neighbouring Harvest Park.

We are very pleased to let you know that construction has been progressing very well in all areas and it won’t be long before the buildings are ‘topped out’ with the completion of the roof slab. The conversion of the silos continue to throw up unique challenges with the construction. But each issue is being quickly dealt with by the builder to ensure that these homes keep their unique qualities.

We have been working with the builder to carry out the final check on site of the quality of the apartment construction. We do this by fast tracking one of the ground floor apartments well ahead of the remaining ones so that we can inspect all the fine details of the design and construction of the interiors. This way we are able to iron out all those minor defects and workmanship issues before they are repeated in other apartments.

Although it’s still in the early phases, we still expect construction to be completed early next year with settlements in the first quarter of the year. As construction progresses, we will be able to provide a more accurate forecast and to narrow down the expected settlement date.


A huge thank you to everyone that took the opportunity to meet some of your new neighbours and existing residents from Bakers Quarters, Millers Retreat and the Wheat Silos at the Harvest Park festival.

The festival offered some great live music, a pop-up picnic and great drinks topped off with fresh gelato cones.

The weather was perfect for the festivities and we expect this to be the first of many community events that will be hosted in the park.


It is great to see the building and apartments taking shape, with the construction of the Malthouse, Granary, Durum Silos and the Wheatstore progressing very well.

Scaffolding is going up around the Durum Silos to the create the cutouts for balconies and windows on the external walls.

Stage 4 seen from Harvest Park

Stage 4

While some scaffolding goes up, we also celebrate some scaffolding coming down! The new building structures are almost complete and the fitout works are chasing close behind. Very soon, you will see the external walls of the façade be unveiled.

Stage 3

Also unveiled recently was the new Display Suite! Be sure to swing by and check it out. Opening hours and details can be found here

As the builder makes great progress and the Australian Summer continues to bring fine weather to Sydney, the expected dates for building works completion are being maintained.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress to ensure that moving into your new home and community is as pleasant as possible.


How a derelict Sydney icon was reimagined and transformed into a stunning new community.

Mungo Scott’s famous Flour Mill arrived in Summer Hill in 1922 with a cluster of functional milling and storage buildings. As Goodman Fielder grew the Mill’s capacity in the 1950s, it added the landmark silos to store even more of the key ingredients for Australia’s favourite loaves, creating a commanding and beloved presence over the surrounding suburban landscape.

With their impressive engineering and architectural feats, the silo structures became aesthetically and historically significant for Summer Hill residents. However, operations were wound up in 2009 and the highly visible Flour Mill in the heart of Summer Hill stood forlornly vacant until established developer EG Funds Management, in partnership with Daiwa House Australia proposed a stunning new residential development to breathe new life into the industrial site.

Introducing, the Flour Mill of Summer Hill – Summer Hill’s beating heart and newest residential community and retail hub.

Designed by award-winning architects, HASSELL, Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Flour Mill are complete with purchasers moving into the historic six pack Wheat Silos, and new buildings Bakers Rise, Bakers Quarters, Miller’s Retreat and new terrace homes.

The newly integrated public space Harvest Park and the highly anticipated Mungo Scott Plaza are now complete and open for public use creating unique open spaces and connectivity for the already vibrant Summer Hill community – a place to live, work and play.

On completion, the Flour Mill community will consist of 360 contemporary apartments and terraces, surrounded by beautifully landscaped communal gardens, retail and commercial spaces with direct footbridge access to the Lewisham West light rail and a short walk to Summer Hill train station.

Stages 3 & 4 are currently under construction – Buyers who missed out on purchasing in the Wheat Silo building is Stage 2 still have the opportunity to buy into the impressive Malthouse, Durum Silos, Granary and Wheatstore buildings.

Stage Two | Construction updates | Oct 2017

It’s almost time, Stage Two! Your settlements are all coming together over the next month, so soon it will be time to move in and get to know your neighbours.

The Farm Wholefoods are fitting out the retail space facing Smith Street and it will not be long before you can enjoy the convenience of in-store and online shopping for the highest quality local and international foods. We also encourage you to make use of the GoGet cars parked in Flour Mill Way.

Once you have settled into the Flour Mill of Summer Hill we will be organising the inaugural Annual General Meeting for your strata scheme. This meeting will give the new owners the opportunity to be involved with the ongoing management of your building. We encourage residents and investor owners to become involved by contributing to protect your valuable investment. This is best achieved through your active involvement with the Owners Corporation.

Following unprecedented demand, we will shortly be announcing the successful tenants for the retails spaces within your strata scheme. We know that you will appreciate the quality of these retail spaces and the quality that this retail adds to the Flour Mill of Summer Hill community.

Construction Stages 3 and 4 | October 2017

Stages 3 and 4 are progressing well.

The excavation in Stage 3 has reached the bottom and now the concrete slab being poured for the foundations. You will see the structure coming out of the ground in the coming months.

A big milestone for Stage 3 is the cutting of the silo building, which started last month.

Meanwhile, Stage 4 has progressed a lot further, finishing up the basement and beginning on Level 1. The driveway bridge is currently being constructed over the Hawthorne Canal.

Image: building over the Hawthorne Canal

Flour Mill Festival

Come and join us for a picnic in Harvest Park!

The newest residents for Stage Two will be moving in over the next few weeks and to celebrate we would like to host a big neighbourhood get together.

There will be picnic blankets, fresh lemonade and some light jazz to serenade your afternoon.

When: Sunday 12 November 2017
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: The Flour Mill of Summer Hill. 2 Smith St, Summer Hill NSW

The Farm Wholefoods

“Recreating a farm-like experience in each of the dining venues, Josh Thompson draws on his architectural expertise for The Farm’s fitout, working with Cushla McFadden from design firm TomMarkHenry on the interiors to create a space filled with brickwork, black steel, recycled palette timber, concrete and lots of greenery and natural light,” write Hospitality Magazine.

Read more about the new store opening

Check out The Farm’s website online


If you have been past the Flour Mill of Summer Hill lately, you may have noticed that the residents have moved into the Edward Street Terraces, Baker’s Quarters and Baker’s Rise. We look forward to welcoming you to the community soon!

If you have not done so already, we suggest that you contact your bank to commence the loan process. This may require a formal valuation that the bank will organise on your behalf. We will assist the valuer to gain access to your apartment to complete the valuation.

Once your loan is approved, the bank will be ready for settlement. We will be inviting you to carry out your pre-settlement inspections in advance of settlement to give the builder time to complete any defects prior to settlement. Your solicitor will provide you with more information about the settlement process and what will need to be done prior to and on the day of settlement. At this stage, settlement is scheduled for September and we are looking forward to continually updating you with progress leading up to you becoming the owner of your new apartment.