Stage Four

Welcome to the Flour Mill of Summer Hill

EG and Daiwa House are pleased to welcome home all residents to the Flour Mill of Summer Hill community.

The completion of Stage 3 in early February 2019 was the final step in the construction of this masterplanned community. The adaptive reuse of the heritage structures has allowed the past to become the foundation for a new, dynamic and contemporary neighbourhood.

With the retail and office spaces taking shape and all apartments now settled, the neighbourhood has become a vibrant place to live, work, and play.

Thank you for choosing to make the Flour Mill of Summer Hill your home.


Cover photo: Malthouse building

The scaffolding has finally come down and the landscaping is going in. This means that the building works on the Malthouse will be completed soon. We continue to work with the builder to ensure that the quality of the workmanship will exceed your expectations. The builder has completed the defects within the apartments and an independent review has been undertaken by a building inspector.

If you have a bank assisting you with your purchase, your bank valuation should be completed and your loan application well and truly advanced. The next step will be the pre-settlement inspections that will be organised for the end of October and the beginning of November. At this point we expect that the strata plan will be registered and the occupation certificate issued.

As settlement approaches, we will continue to narrow down the expected settlement date. A number of weeks out from settlement, we will write to your solicitor confirming when we have submitted the plans for registration. Further notice will be issued when the apartment title plans have been registered and settlement will occur following this notice.

It is exciting to report that we have received a number of positive comments on the architecture of the building and we appreciate the effort that Hassell Architects have put into creating the Flour Mill community. Hassell’s Principal Architect, Matthew Pullinger said the project fell right in the ‘sweet spot’ for Hassell, drawing together architects, landscape architects, interior designers and urban designers to deliver a truly integrated design solution for the site.

“The project has a great blend of old and new, it has aspects that bring together all the areas we’re interested in to create a really beautiful place to live and work. That was the most exciting dimension of the whole project, seeing the true power of collaboration.”


The completion of the building works and settlement of the stage 4 apartments is now expected in November of December this year. We are hoping for continued fine weather to help the builders with the finalisation of the external walls and windows prior to removing the scaffold. Shortly, you will also see the commencement of the external landscaping of the areas around the building and the completion of Harvest Park. These will provide great spaces for the whole community to enjoy and ensure you are proud to call the Flour Mill home.

The builder, Richard Crookes Constructions, continues to do a great job and we are very pleased with the quality of the construction which shines when you walk into the apartments.


If you have not been down to the Flour Mill of Summer Hill recently, we do encourage you to visit the new display suite that has been opened at the corner of Flour Mill Way. The new display has a great fresh feel to it that reflects the energy that has been built up with the opening of Harvest Park and Mungo Scott Plaza. The long awaited opening of The Farm Wholefoods is now not far off following delays in Council with the DA approval for their fit-out. You will soon be able to pick up your organic coffee, cold pressed juice, and Acai bowls and enjoy them in the neighbouring Harvest Park.

We are very pleased to let you know that the roof of the Malthouse building has now been completed and the windows are currently being installed. At the same time, the external brickwork is being laid behind the scaffold surrounding the building. Also being carried out behind the scaffold is the completion of the first apartment fitout.

We have been working with the builder to carry out the final check on site of the quality of the apartment construction. We do this by fast tracking one of the ground floor apartments well ahead of the remaining ones so that we can inspect all the fine details of the design and construction of the interiors. This way we are able to iron out all those minor defects and workmanship issues before they are repeated in other apartments.

With the roof being installed, we can now more accurately forecast the completion date of the building and it is looking likely that settlements will occur late this year. As construction progresses, we will be able to provide a more accurate forecast and to narrow down the expected settlement date.


It is great to see the building and apartments taking shape, with the construction of the Malthouse, Granary, Durum Silos and the Wheatstore progressing very well.

Scaffolding is going up around the Durum Silos to the create the cutouts for balconies and windows on the external walls.

Stage 4 seen from Harvest Park

Stage 4

While some scaffolding goes up, we also celebrate some scaffolding coming down! The new building structures are almost complete and the fitout works are chasing close behind. Very soon, you will see the external walls of the façade be unveiled.

Stage 3

Also unveiled recently was the new Display Suite! Be sure to swing by and check it out. Opening hours and details can be found here

As the builder makes great progress and the Australian Summer continues to bring fine weather to Sydney, the expected dates for building works completion are being maintained.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress to ensure that moving into your new home and community is as pleasant as possible.

Construction Stages 3 and 4 | October 2017

Stages 3 and 4 are progressing well.

The excavation in Stage 3 has reached the bottom and now the concrete slab being poured for the foundations. You will see the structure coming out of the ground in the coming months.

A big milestone for Stage 3 is the cutting of the silo building, which started last month.

Meanwhile, Stage 4 has progressed a lot further, finishing up the basement and beginning on Level 1. The driveway bridge is currently being constructed over the Hawthorne Canal.

Image: building over the Hawthorne Canal

Stage 3 and 4 | Construction Updates | April 2017

Welcome Stage 3 and 4 to the second quarterly construction update.

Last quarter, we put out a tender for the construction of Stages 3 and 4 and we’re pleased to announce that Richard Crookes has won the contract.

Richard Crookes Construction (RCC) are a private, family-owned builder with an impressive track record. They are known for delivering high quality apartments with personal care and consideration for the local community.

Construction Updates | Stages 3 and 4 | December 2016

You’ll be able to receive all the current construction news, all in one handy place!

Stage 3 and 4 have received Development Approval and are currently tendering for a construction company. This means that all the activity you see on site is still Stage 1 and 2 and part of the retail areas.

Once construction begins, we’ll be posting photos and emailing quarterly updates to all the newsletter subscribers and purchasers.

Final chance to purchase in the master-planned community of The Flour Mill at Summer Hill

The final stage of The Flour Mill of Summer Hill has finally arrived with the release of the Durum Silos, The Wheatstore and The Granary set to officially launch on September 24. Developed by EG and Daiwa House, the stunning residential development in the heart of Summer Hill is located on the heritage Flour Mill industrial site, breathing new life into the iconic buildings, with 360 contemporary apartments and terraces surrounded by beautifully landscaped communal gardens, retail/commercial spaces and easy access to the new fast light rail and two train station.

Since launching in 2014, the development has gained widespread success and interest, with Stage 1 and Stage 2 completely sold. This will be the last opportunity for purchasers to buy into the impressively designed development which takes cues from the city’s rich industrial heritage.


Designed by award-winning architects, HASSELL, Summer Hill’s newest residential community and retail hub began construction in early 2015. The final stage will unveil 135 premium studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments uniquely located across the remaining buildings which comprise the Durum Silos, The Wheatstore and The Granary.

The four circular towers of the original wheat silos, dubbed the Durum Silos now form 56 contemporary apartments across 14 storeys, at the peak of which sit two penthouse apartments with roof terraces enjoying spectacular 360 degree views.

The Granary has been converted to one and two bedroom apartments that mimic the scale of the original buildings on this site. An open glass façade on the northern side makes an interesting contrast with the heritage appeal of the nearby Mungo Scott building, while the continuous textured façade slowly reveals the interior through layers of perforated mesh.
Finally, housing 27 two and three bedroom apartments, The Wheatstore’s triangular structure stands out as the only design within the Flour Mill that started from scratch. The deliberately random placement of floor to ceiling windows creates novelty within the charcoal concrete façade.


EG’s Development Manager Raja Jamal says a key focus of this unique development is EG’s emphasis on community and connectivity.

“Summer Hill hosts a strong, connected community and we are excited to bring together the new and the old residents,” says Mr Jamal. “The new retail precinct and integrated communal public park will complement the vibrant high street and existing village atmosphere.”

Collier’s International Residential Director Ian Bennett agrees the Summer Hill retail precinct is still very much a community hub with a local friendly market feel, one of the reasons for the huge success of Stage 1 and 2 of The Flour Mill.

“The majority of buyers in Stage 1 and 2 were locals looking to buy a piece of the area’s history, with investors and first home buyers looking at the 1 and 2 bedroom apartments due to the connectivity with the light rail, train station and bus services all flanking the development,” said Mr Bennett.

Summer Hill - V02_EXT_Final_2000

The Flour Mill is just moments to Summer Hill Village and will have its own light rail station for easy access to the Leichhardt, Glebe, Pyrmont, the CBD and beyond. Summer Hill and Lewisham train stations are both just 5-minute walks from the new development.

Colliers International has commenced taking enquiries of interest and will officially launch on Saturday September 24. The display suite is now open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11-4pm. Construction of The Flour Mill at Summer Hill is well underway with completion of Stages 1 and 2 scheduled for the end of 2017.


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