It is great to see the building and apartments taking shape, with the construction of the Malthouse, Granary, Durum Silos and the Wheatstore progressing very well.

Scaffolding is going up around the Durum Silos to the create the cutouts for balconies and windows on the external walls.

Stage 4 seen from Harvest Park

Stage 4

While some scaffolding goes up, we also celebrate some scaffolding coming down! The new building structures are almost complete and the fitout works are chasing close behind. Very soon, you will see the external walls of the façade be unveiled.

Stage 3

Also unveiled recently was the new Display Suite! Be sure to swing by and check it out. Opening hours and details can be found here

As the builder makes great progress and the Australian Summer continues to bring fine weather to Sydney, the expected dates for building works completion are being maintained.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress to ensure that moving into your new home and community is as pleasant as possible.

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