Little B.I.G. House Launch Community Consultation

B.I.G. news! The Little B.I.G. House™ is launching soon at the Flour Mill of Summer Hill.

Thanks for coming to our community consultation evening on Wednesday 24 March and sending us your feedback. We loved hearing all your ideas on how this new community hub, the Little B.I.G. House, might serve the people of Summer Hill in a meaningful way.

If you missed the meeting, please check out the detailed minutes below or download them in full here. You can also still have your say! Send your suggestions through to our Project Manager, Delwin Kriel.


Founded by EG, The B.I.G. Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to inspire and empower communities by creating opportunities for connection. We have a vision for a future in which people enjoy kinder, happier and healthier lives. The full constitution of the Foundation will be made publicly available in due course.

The B.I.G. Foundation is establishing The Little B.I.G. House in the building formally used as the display suite at The Flour Mill of Summer Hill. This will be a physical space dedicated to community advancement and social isolation prevention through shared experience. This space will allow the Foundation to continue the initiatives EG has previously hosted in the Flour Mill Community and extend the invitation for the wider Summer Hill community to participate and connect with the precinct.

About the Space

The Little B.I.G. House has two floors. Downstairs is the cosy “living room” of the house, featuring a large couch, a television, a community library bookshelf, a kitchenette, assorted lounge seating and a long family table that can seat 14 people. A disabled bathroom and play space for young children is also available.

Upstairs is “the rumpus room,” a blank-canvas space where activities such as yoga, presentations and workshops can pop-up – with stools and trestle tables available in storage. A long shuffleboard invites people of all ages to enjoy a game and a private meeting room is available for more intimate consultations.

The planned hours for the space are Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am-5pm. The Little B.I.G. House will be locked at other hours and access provided for events via a booking and key system. After the first six weeks, the B.I.G. Foundation will depend on community volunteers to open the Little B.I.G. House for extended hours and monitor the space.

Priority for bookings in the space will be reserved for events that provide direct community benefit. If it is otherwise available, a private event can be booked at commercial rates. Conditions may apply, and a deposit may be collected to cover cleaning fees. The proceeds from these private bookings will be used to support community events.

Storage space cannot be guaranteed for community groups to use freely; however, available space will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Information on upcoming events in the Little B.I.G. House will be publicly available on a community noticeboard inside the space, an online calendar of events and other printed or digital marketing material where appropriate.

Floor Plans


Figure 1: Ground floor plans


Figure 2: Level one floor plans


The Proposal

We are inviting you, the community, to help the Foundation make this house a home.

The B.I.G. Foundation will match the sponsorship of community-run initiatives, supporting financially or with promotion as needed.

So, we want to hear what programs and events you would like to see connecting the community in the space.

During the consultation session, community members proposed the following ideas:

  • Book Club (shared library available in the Little B.I.G. House)
  • Parents’ group
  • Pet Day (earmarked for July)
  • Garage Sale Trail (volunteers welcome)
  • Jeans For Genes Day (volunteers welcome)
  • Kids and Parents dance class
  • Jazz Night
  • International Food festival (Spanish-theme evening)
  • Halloween event (for kids and parents)
  • Cheese and wine tasting
  • An amateur painters and photographers’ community display night
  • Mentorship and networking between working professionals and youth seeking employment
  • Slam Poetry night
  • Meet-a-Neighbour dinners (hosted by the B.I.G. Foundation)
  • Informal jam sessions / rehearsal space
  • Commercial playgroup (e.g. Montessori)
  • Ladies Of A Certain Age – fortnightly morning meeting
  • Craft or knitting group
  • Floristry (or other creative) workshops
  • Community cookbook with recipe submissions and local photographer images

If you have other ideas, please reach out to our Project Manager, Delwin Kriel.

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