If you have not been down to the Flour Mill of Summer Hill recently, we do encourage you to visit the new display suite that has been opened at the corner of Flour Mill Way. The new display has a great fresh feel to it that reflects the energy that has been built up with the opening of Harvest Park and Mungo Scott Plaza. The long awaited opening of The Farm Wholefoods is now not far off following delays in Council with the DA approval for their fit-out. Soon, you’ll be able to pick up your organic coffee, cold pressed juice, and Acai bowls and enjoy them in the neighbouring Harvest Park.

We are very pleased to let you know that construction has been progressing very well in all areas and it won’t be long before the buildings are ‘topped out’ with the completion of the roof slab. The conversion of the silos continue to throw up unique challenges with the construction. But each issue is being quickly dealt with by the builder to ensure that these homes keep their unique qualities.

We have been working with the builder to carry out the final check on site of the quality of the apartment construction. We do this by fast tracking one of the ground floor apartments well ahead of the remaining ones so that we can inspect all the fine details of the design and construction of the interiors. This way we are able to iron out all those minor defects and workmanship issues before they are repeated in other apartments.

Although it’s still in the early phases, we still expect construction to be completed early next year with settlements in the first quarter of the year. As construction progresses, we will be able to provide a more accurate forecast and to narrow down the expected settlement date.

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