Cover photo: Granary building

It won’t be long before the scaffolding will be removed from the Silos’ structure to unveil the renewed building. Standing alongside the silos are the recently revealed Malthouse and Granary buildings with their unique designs that give them their own character and personality. The dramatic shape of the Malthouse creates a nice contrast with the raw form of the Granary.

Internally, the fit out is progressing well and reflects an internal build quality that matches the frontage. Several the lower level apartments have been completed and the builder’s quality and workmanship inspections have commenced. As the builder works up the building, completing levels one by one, the apartments will be locked up in preparation for pre-settlement inspections later this year.

Hassell’s Principal Architect, Matthew Pullinger, said the project fell right in the ‘sweet spot’, drawing together architects, landscape architects, interior designers and urban designers to deliver a truly integrated design solution for the site. Incorporating modern apartments into the visually striking grain silos at the heart of the precinct presented a particular design challenge. But the proof of the successful design was in the finished product.

“The project has a great blend of old and new, it has aspects that bring together all the areas we’re interested in to create a really beautiful place to live and work. That was the most exciting dimension of the whole project, seeing the true power of collaboration.”

Given the current rate of progress and the continued fine weather, we expect that settlements will be occurring in January next year. Now is a good opportunity to start talking to your bank to confirm their requirements and timings for the loan application process. An important first step is the valuation of the property. Colliers will be assisting with this process and will update you when valuations can commence.

We look forward to being able to invite you in to view the building and your apartment in the coming months.

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