We are very pleased to have ‘topped out’ the two new buildings within stage 3, marking the completion of the roof and the major aspects of construction. This ancient Scandinavian ceremony of placing a tree atop a structure when the last beam is laid has been performed by Developer, EG, and the builder, Richard Crookes Construction, many times before but it is always an exciting occasion.

We are close to completing the structural works to convert the existing silos, with the final two levels being added in the next few months. You will also see the cladding commence to provide a new skin that reflects the industrial heritage of the silos in their new residential use.

The completion of the building works and settlement of the stage 3 apartments continues to be scheduled for the first quarter of next year. We are hoping for continued fine weather to help the builders in this critical stage of the construction. The first of a number of checks of the apartment layouts have been completed in the lower levels and are continuing throughout the remaining floors. The next series of checks will be performed after the initial completion of the fitout and then there will be a series final checks of the finishes prior to the presettlement processes.

The builder, Richard Crookes Constructions, continues to do a great job and we are very pleased with the quality of the construction which shines when you walk into the apartments.

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