Cover photo: Malthouse building

The scaffolding has finally come down and the landscaping is going in. This means that the building works on the Malthouse will be completed soon. We continue to work with the builder to ensure that the quality of the workmanship will exceed your expectations. The builder has completed the defects within the apartments and an independent review has been undertaken by a building inspector.

If you have a bank assisting you with your purchase, your bank valuation should be completed and your loan application well and truly advanced. The next step will be the pre-settlement inspections that will be organised for the end of October and the beginning of November. At this point we expect that the strata plan will be registered and the occupation certificate issued.

As settlement approaches, we will continue to narrow down the expected settlement date. A number of weeks out from settlement, we will write to your solicitor confirming when we have submitted the plans for registration. Further notice will be issued when the apartment title plans have been registered and settlement will occur following this notice.

It is exciting to report that we have received a number of positive comments on the architecture of the building and we appreciate the effort that Hassell Architects have put into creating the Flour Mill community. Hassell’s Principal Architect, Matthew Pullinger said the project fell right in the ‘sweet spot’ for Hassell, drawing together architects, landscape architects, interior designers and urban designers to deliver a truly integrated design solution for the site.

“The project has a great blend of old and new, it has aspects that bring together all the areas we’re interested in to create a really beautiful place to live and work. That was the most exciting dimension of the whole project, seeing the true power of collaboration.”

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