Welcome to Stage 1 of the Flour Mill of Summer Hill, who are the first residents. You’re finally here!

We hope you’re having fun setting up your new home and enjoyed your gifts from EG.

We are very proud of the quality of the design and construction of the building and pleased to be handing over the apartments to the new owners.

The Annual General Meeting will give the new owners the opportunity to be involved with the ongoing management of the Edward Street Terraces, Barker’s Quarters and Baker’s Rise and how the residents and visitors experience the Flour Mill of Summer Hill.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the development and in particular Catherine Maude from People and Property, Strata Plus for their invaluable advice and Havencab for their initial assistance with helping the new residents. If there is anything that you wish to know about the building or how it works there is plenty on great information in your apartment manual including the details of who to contact if you need any further information.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Flour Mill of Summer Hill and enjoy living within your new community.

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